Fitters For Hire!

How Does it Work For Fitters?

Firstly We Register you via the "We Need You" Link on this page, once received, one of the team will call you to discuss the type of work you want and where you can get to etc.

At this point we will also forward a set of Terms of Engagement (like a contract of employment) for you to sign and return - it governs how you work etc and is important we have before you start work.

We will then, via our Matching Program, Match you and then forward you details of Jobs in your area and ask you to come back to us with the rate you want for the Job. We then negotiate with the Clients and forward you the Job Sheet with all of the details on where to report etc along with a clearly marked and agreed Rate.

On Rates, YOU SET YOUR OWN RATE, we negotiate on your behalf with our clients in exactly the same way you would yourself.

You will then complete the work and get the client contact to sign off that the work has been completed to their satisfaction. Upon Receipt We will Invoice our clients and Pay you via Bank Transfer less Tax (If you are a Company then we will pay your invoice on 7 - 14 Days).

We will then put you back into our Live Fitters Pool and start the process of finding you work again.